Udon Thani, Thailand
Pintai Suchachaisri

  1. Camera: Canon EOS Kiss X5
  2. Aperture: f/6.3
  3. Exposure: 1/50th
  4. Focal Length: 106mm


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 ღ Love Pakse ღ

Teddy Millington-Drake. 


  1. Camera: Canon MX880 series


我的花还成吧? @lingywu #paint #watercolor #art #flower #sketch

Swiss Chalet. Swiss Chalet.

Swiss Chalet.

  1. Camera: Canon EOS 7D
  2. Aperture: f/4
  3. Exposure: 1/250th
  4. Focal Length: 303mm


Casa Caruncho: home of landscape architect Fernando Caruncho, Spain


  1. Camera: Nikon D200
  2. Aperture: f/7.1
  3. Exposure: 1/180th
  4. Focal Length: 105mm




Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."

why isnt everyone getting so excited about this, it is literally another planet look at how beautiful it is stop what your doing and look at how alien like this planet is what is living there oh my god mercury

and guess what in space they pick categories when they have a lot of things to name like the craters on mercury. the category for naming them is after deceased artists


Black Iris (Iris chr Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers