ULLA PROCOPÉ, Valencia table ware by Arabia Oy, Finland, 1960. Stone ware. / Bukowskis

"A birdsong can even, for a moment, make the whole world into a sky within us, because we feel that the bird does not distinguish between its heart and the world’s."
— Rainer Maria Rilke (via seabois)


Axel Vervoordt Interior via Axel Vervoordt The Story of a Style   (via January | 2012 | Jane Waggoner Blog)


It is not the moon, I tell you.
It is these flowers
lighting the yard.

-Louise Gluck, excerpt from the poem “Mock Orange”


Marianne North, A Climbing Plant of Old Calabar,c1880

(Source: BBC)


"The roots of all living things are tied together. Deep in the ground of being, they tangle and embrace. If we look deeply, we find that we do not have a separate self-identity, a self that does not include sun and wind, earth and water, creatures and plants, and one another."
— Joan Halifax  (via petrichour)

(Source: belovedlotus)